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Organizations today must not only create a work culture that attracts qualified “knowledge workers”, but also design a human-performance environment that optimizes the productivity of their workforce and its impact on the whole business.

Fulcrum Logic has been ranked in the Top 20 Best Employers in India by Dataquest – IDC and it is not for nothing that our employers rate us the highest in terms of industry standard pay scales, ability to take decisions freely and the communication style that brings about cohesiveness in the team structures.

We have always had a very flat organization structure and an "open door" policy. We encourage honest and bold opinions because we believe that it is the only way to create a no-fear atmosphere at the workplace and introduce refreshing path breaking ideas into our business processes.

Diversity and integrity form the foundations of our value system and we have employees from varied religious and cultural backgrounds integrated seamlessly into the Fulcrum family. When an employee first comes into Fulcrum Logic we make sure that he or she is well integrated and supported in what they need and create a synergy with the ongoing Fulcrum Logic Culture. That starts with having a committed team that cares about people in general and what their experiences are within this organization.

Core values of Fulcrum Logic:

  • Empowerment: Self actualization through independence and responsibility
  • Honesty :Integrity, sincerity, sense of honor, respect for a person's word and for commitments made
  • Boldness: Of thought and action to constantly evaluate ourselves, our environment and the circumstances we find ourselves in
  • Trust: Belief in the integrity of our people and their ability to take the decisions that are the best for them
  • Team Spirit: Solidarity, friendship, loyalty and transparency to provide the platform to enhance personal and interpersonal skills
  • Fun: Bringing joy and enjoyment to the workplace and a sense of belonging through fun at work

"It has been an enriching and exciting journey at Fulcrum Logic. It has given me an opportunity to implement my skills and has helped me to improve by each working day. I have found an atmosphere that is challenging, at the same time productive, enjoyable and people-oriented."
- Arun James
"Fulcrum Logic is a people, process & technology oriented organization, with the senior management being very approachable and communicative. It gives me good opportunity to grow with technology as well as with processes."
- Munir Shaikh
"A happy employee will lead directly to happy customers" - Fulcrum is a great career platform, as each associate is encouraged to accomplish tasks with passion and ownership, discover new ways of process improvement and bring innovation. The work-life balance is one of the best in the industry."
- Raju V Ramaswamy
"It's my honour to be the part of Fulcrum Logic, as it gave me an opportunity to explore my skills and taught me to improvise as well. I should say that we all are assured of a bright career having worked with Fulcrum Logic."
- Pulak Kanti Bhattacharyya
"Fulcrum is fast becoming family for me. It is an experience that has provided immense on - hand learning, given me exposure to the entire sales process and given me a sense of belonging within my first few months of joining that I haven’t experienced before."
- Devaki Patel
"What I like most about my work at Fulcrum is that it's diverse and constantly challenging. Fulcrum has allowed me the freedom to grow progress and move up the ladder. Executives at all levels are interested in the welfare of all of their employees and are very accessible. If you want a place to be anonymous, Fulcrum is not for you. Here - everybody knows your name. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such a strong mix of people."
- Sanu Samuel
"Fulcrum is the right place to explore my career in a right manner. Here we always work in latest technology and tools, so we are always in touch with new technology. Our people are always ready to accept new creative ideas and also implement them rapidly. In Fulcrum we are friends not an employee. I really enjoy my work and work environment here."
- Vinayak Kulkarni
"Success of an employee lies in the mentors he has in an organization. Senior members have helped me in learning, developing and harnessing my skill sets. Setting up mile stones and achieving them is a key characteristic of Fulcrum Logic. I am glad to work with an organization which is focused on successful project delivery and at the same time looking after individuals’ career growth."
- Pawan Choudhary
"So far my experience with this environment is something which I can call as a turn around in my career. I have been working with such a supportive team that I got a chance to groom my skills and knowledge when it comes to IT services selling. The best things are openness in Fulcrum’s environment, the prospective growth and the "think big" approach."
- Vikram Patel