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Fulcrum Creative Team
Fulcrum Logic has an unique creative team to provide creative work to enhance user acceptance of products developed for global clients. The team has been instrumental in providing suggestions to clients to improve the client products with a creative approach. It has continuously improved the customer satisfaction and meet their expectations.
The team has vast experience in hybrid designing with Java script, flash presentations, logo designing, portal designing, etc. The team works closely with the project teams and co-ordinates with them using video conferencing and direct calls made to the onsite team.

Design Concept
Some of the designing concepts used are: Creative team will begin by understanding and implementing the foundations of design, the basic elements and principles of design. These elements and principles are applicable to all design mediums such as architecture, art, graphic design, print and web design. Special emphasis will be given to the application of these principles and elements, along with color and typography, to the medium of web design.
Design is a process that has a clear beginning and end, balance, rhythm/repetition, proximity, emphasis, color, texture/pattern, value, and typography. The team always used Brainstorming techniques, exploring and enhancing avenues of creativity with using advance technology.