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Climate Change is the biggest environmental threat the World is facing today.
A major cause is mass cutting down of trees happening everywhere.
The effects of climate change on human health, food production, water resources, small islands and low lying coastal areas are likely to worsen in the immediate future. Overall, climate is expected to negatively impact development, sustainability and equality.
In view of the urgency of the situation and considering that we can contribute in our own small way, Fulcrum Logic has launched the “Ankur” plantation campaign to motivate people to plant and grow more trees and help save our fragile Earth from the damaging consequences of the Greenhouse effect.
In Phase 1 of this campaign, we are undertaking a tree plantation drive to plant 515 saplings at the Panchavati Hills. The “Ankur” team will take care not only of planting these saplings but also of nurturing them into trees.
In Phase 2, the team plans to take on other locations in and around Pune for planting more trees in the area and making Pune "Go Green".

Pashan Lake,

9th August 2008


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