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Offer Highlights

Product development is a complex activity that balances time-to-market and quality pressures with creative instincts and evolving requirements. Furthermore, support for multiple versions, continuous upgrades, customer-specific versions, country-specific regulations, multi-currency requirements and multi-lingual support create their own unique challenges. Committed to delivering product innovation, quality and rapid time to market, Fulcrum Logic delivers value through its full lifecycle product development solutions and technology expertise. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and tools through centers of domain excellence, Fulcrum Logic accelerates concept-to-market software product offerings. Our distributed Agile methodology supports dynamic changes in software product specifications and features in tight delivery schedules.

Product Outsourcing at Fulcrum Logic
  • Fulcrum Logic customers have saved millions of dollars in costs, apart from reducing the time-to-market drastically.
  • Initial projects were on-shore, proof-of-concept works.
  • Long term engagement resulted in substantial increases in efficiency, quality and reduced Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Customers feel comfortable in sharing their IPRs, designs, source codes, etc. with Fulcrum Logic due to a no-compete guarantee.
Benefits for our Customers
  • Companies can concentrate on "core competencies"
  • Concentrate on product roadmap and strategy, feature development, funding etc.
  • Outsource high bandwidth consuming activities like production, support and testing.
  • Avoid high overheads and resource cost.
  • Improve time to market and benefit from reduced cost.
Specific Offerings
Product Re-engineering
Product Re-development
Co-product development