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Fulcrum's SOA & BPM Practice
SOA Defined

SOA is an architectural approach that enables the creation of loosely-coupled, inter-operable business services that can be easily shared within and between enterprises. It is an evolution of distributed computing, in which software components interact as services across a network. These services can be shared across multiple applications and composite applications can be created from these services.

Our SOA Approach
Initiating an SOA program can be a daunting task in itself. Fulcrum’s Agile SOA approach breaks the SOA program down into manageable chunks. Still, it is very important to have success and measurable ROI early on in the process. Even a well planned and executed SOA program may fail if there is no early ROI, leading stakeholders to lose faith and patience in it.

With that perspective, selecting an appropriate ‘Pilot’ project is critical to the success of the SOA program. As depicted in the figure to the right, not all projects are suitable as a Pilot. Fulcrum helps clients select and deliver an appropriate Pilot Project, thereby demonstrating the benefits and ROI of SOA. This Pilot Project is executed, not as an IT experiment, but as a Proof of Concept, with the participation of business and executive stakeholders also. This is done to avoid insufficient buy-in of the necessary stakeholders, which is a common pitfall leading to failed SOA initiatives. An integrated team is formed, as shown below.
Our Value Proposition

Custom Strategy = Custom Fit Solutions
Incremental Implementation = Lower Risk
Optimal Resource Model = Lower Costs
Top-Down Analysis = Long-Term Benefits
Bottom-Up Implementation = Faster Returns
Technology Agnostic = Lower TCO
Domain Expertise = One-Stop Solutions Provider
Agile Approach = Best Of All Worlds