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To meet the increasing demand of quality deliveries in the current market, Fulcrum Logic has been successful in adapting to modern testing methodologies and has applied these processes to each phase of its development cycle.

Test driven methodology

In test-driven development, each new feature begins with writing a test. In order to write a test, the development team first understands the business specifications and the requirements clearly with the help of use cases and user stories to cover the requirements and exception conditions. Developing test cases before developing code is being practiced at Fulcrum Logic. Test-driven development allows you to start with an unclear set of requirements and relies on the feedback loop between the developers and the customers for input on the requirements. The customer or a customer representative is the part of the core team and immediately provides feedback about the functionality.

Fulcrum Logic believes in adopting and practicing the following

  • Learning Driven.
  • Continuous client communication.
  • Delivery is short/business-focused release.
  • Fully-Automated, continuous testing at both functional and unit level.
  • Cost-effective testing