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Enterprise APPLICATION Services

Fulcrum Logic's application development services revolve around service-oriented architecture, including J2EE and .NET, as well as client server development, to create solutions that address your business needs and technical requirements. With expertise and resources in the primary development environments, we can build or modify your mission-critical applications to ensure reliable delivery of the services you need to compete in today's marketplace.

With an emphasis on service-oriented architecture, Fulcrum Logic drives down the total cost of application development by employing reusable components. Whether you are deploying with J2EE or .NET, our focus on planning the interaction of rules, services and flows ensures that your application supports your long-term strategies.

For Fulcrum Logic, development is not about the short-term. We focus on the application lifecycle and build with an eye on your future needs. Well-planned, quality development can reduce future resource requirements for maintenance and support of an application and simplify configuration management and performance. Quality development not only reduces the total cost of ownership for an application, but is essential for integrating the new and emerging technologies necessary to remain competitive.

To ensure high-quality, high-performance applications, we offers software quality assurance and testing. Applying software quality assurance techniques early and often can eliminate errors before they become costly.