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Web 2.0

Web 2.0 transforms enterprise into "Knowledge Driven" model where isolated silos of information into powerful network to share and contribute. We enables organization to leverage the power of social networking to bring employees together to contribute, share expertise, and provide checks and balances through social interaction.

Fulcrum delivers next generation of online services through web. Our Web2.0 center of excellence encompasses essences of Web 2.0 concepts and builds application and services to enable social interaction possible. Apart from enabling and building social networking, Fulcrum specialize Web 2.0 governance for enterprise to adhere quality on social interaction and avoiding any system misappropriation.

What we offer
  • Organizational Readiness Assessment (ORA)
  • Build application and Services around Web 2.0
  • Social Networking Governance
  • Enablement training
Typically Web 2.0 applications include some of the following techniques
  • Ajax-based for rich user experience
  • XHTML and HTML markup
  • Mashups - both client and server-side
  • REST and/or XML- and/or JSON-based APIs
  • Blogs, Wiki and Forums
  • Syndication and Aggregation